iPhone sales in time, presented in detail

Since 2007, when the first iPhone was launched, Cupertino has sold over 260 million such devices.

The start was marked by a mere 270,000 models of iPhone 2G that same year, and the sales increased until Q3 of 2008 when they dropped, right before the release of the iPhone 3G.

This launch marked the beginning of a successful period for Apple, an increase that was doubled later by the launch of the iPhone 4 and then again by the iPhone 4S.

The iPhone 5 is expected to double the sales for each fiscal quarter of 2012 and almost 250 million devices are estimated to be sold in the next 3 years.

The listing below shows that each new version of the iPhone sold almost double the previous one and a drop in sales is recorded as a new device is about to be launched.

· iPhone (until Q4 2008): 13 Mio

· iPhone 3G (until Q4 2009): 21 Mio

· iPhone 3GS (until Q4 2010): 40 Mio

· iPhone 4 (until Q4 2011): 72 Mio

· iPhone 4S (until Q4 2012): probably over 124 Mio