iPhone 5 rumors: what apps would look like on a 4-inch screen

Recent reports have shown that the iOS Simulator application can run at the rumored next-generation iPhone display resolution of 640 x 1136.

Apple has already implemented a system of scaling applications.

Some applications already have the graphics required to run in this mode and the system apps display the information correspondingly.

The applications that are not optimized for this resolution show a black bar at the bottom / top of the screen and users will know that they must be updated to work properly.

iOS 6 seems to be optimized at present in order to run at this resolution and is capable of scaling the applications and menus easily.

The iOS keyboard will be modified in the iPhone 5, but only as far as the landscape keyboard version is concerned.

In landscape mode the keyboard is longer than usual, but in portrait mode it is not modified at all considering that the portrait resolution wasn’t changed either.