iPhone 5 rumors: new dock connector actually has 9-pins

According to AppleInsider, the new dock connector’s aluminum shell combines with the 8 gold pins to make a ninth pin.

The result is 60% less real estate than the current 30-pin port.

In addition, the transfer rates are bettered with a fraction of the number of electrical contacts.

The site reports:

“They say the 8 gold contacts seen on one side of the male plug in recently leaked photos of the connector are simply repeated on the flip side. They’re reportedly joined by the surrounding aluminum-colored metal shell of the connector, which will similarly serve as a functional contact, bringing the total number of pins to 9.”

According to sources, among the advantages of the new port is its orientation independence when used with Apple’s future iOS devices.

Cupertino will likely release an adapter for the new smaller dock that will allow the use of current accessories with the company’s products.