iPhone 5 rumors: photos of next iPhone’s logic board surface

French site Nowhereelse.fr, via Chinese forum Weiphone, has posted pictures of what is claimed to be the next iPhone’s logic board.

The images show different angles of what appears to be the device’s new logic board.

The logic board is a part of the smartphone where the processor and other chips are placed.

In an animate GIF, the site shows that the holes of the logic board perfectly match the holes of previously leaked images of the iPhone 5 casing.

MacRumors writes that the person who leaked the image also posted leaks of the iPhone 4S logic board prior to its release last year.

9to5Mac contacted iPhone repair specialists of iDeviceGuys and he came up with several conclusions.

They discovered that the new logic board has more antenna connections than the iPhone 4S logic board which could hint at 4G LTE integration in the future device.

The smaller size of the SIM card slot could be an indicator that a nano-SIM card might be included in the next iPhone.

In addition, there appears to be a new connector for the display which may mean that a new display is being prepared for the handset.