iPhone 5, iPad Mini dock connector and headphone jack in black and white surface

Repair firm iResQ has posted pictures of the dock connector and headphone jack for the two devices.

Each of the parts comes in both black and white, which could be seen as an indicator that Apple is planning a design change for the two devices.

The dock connector that appears in the images has a smaller 8-pin design which is rumored to be featured in the iPhone 5 as well.

The site notes that the iPad Mini photos reveal that the headphone jack is placed at the bottom of the device.

This contradicts previous rumors stating that the jack will be located at the top of the device, similar to the design of the full-size iPad.

In addition, these photos show a different part number than the one on the previous part leaks. These new photos carry a part number of 821-1516, while the previous ones that surfaced early this week carried a part number of 821-1476.

These leaked parts are the first interior components of the device to appear, and while they have not been confirmed to be for the device in question they are consistent with Apple parts and are too large to fit inside an iPhone.

Although there has been no confirmation for these part leaks, they seem to be in line with Apple parts and they wouldn’t fit inside an iPhone as they are too big.

Regarding this new dock connector, iResQ has told MacRumors that “there is just one set of eight contacts inside of the port” with “none on the top side”.

Recent reports have stated that Apple is likely to adopt a smaller 8-9 pin port the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini.