iPhone 5 could be a camera? – HUMOROUS VIDEO

Credit: Adam Sacks

Apple’s next iPhone is in the news again. But this time the device is the star of a parody video.

Adam Sacks presents an iPhone 5 built for Instagram addicts who loves photographing their food.

Of course, he made ​​this video to mock the habit of some people who love taking pictures of their plates and share it with their friends.

“[People are] sad and alone so they use pictures of food to create the illusion of a fulfilling life…. Siri’s on there too. She can recognize the food you photograph and suggest fun captions that’ll imply a life worth living…. The iPhone 5 is a game-changer. Its photos are sure to garner all the likes, hearts, plusses, pins, stars, reposts, reblogs, retumbles, and retweets that you’ve used to replace human connection in your life,” says the man described as Greg Mansfield, Vice-President of the Design of the future iPhone 5.

“I’ve been using the iPhone 5 for a few months now and it’s already turned my life into a seemingly enjoyable lie. Last weekend I was having brunch with my girlfriend, but we had nothing to talk about, so I took out my iPhone 5, I snapped a pic of my eggs Benedict, connected my iPhone to my MacBook, found a Wi-Fi hot spot, uploaded that photo onto Facebook, and within minutes I had friends telling me how much fun I was having. And you know, for one brief moment — I almost believed it myself.”

A humorous video well thought out. Do you take photo of your food with your iPhone?