iPhone 5 rumors: video presents comparison with iPhone 4S, shows rumored changes

Phone repair shop SmartPhone Medic has posted a video that compares several iPhone 4S parts with the next generation iPhone.

The most obvious differences are screen size and the new dock connector port.

Besides the display size difference, the locations for the camera and proximity sensor have been changed.

The front-facing camera is placed above the speaker and the infrared proximity sensor is located to the left of the lozenge-shaped hole.

A comparison between the iPhone 5 display and the Samsung Galaxy S 3 display is also showed in the video.

The Galaxy S 3 boasts a larger display than that of the iPhone 5 and 4S but Apple’s next smartphone benefits from a thinner screen.

Earlier today Reuters reported that LG has started production of next-generation smartphone display panels, rumored to be used in the next iPhone.

In addition, a Verizon employee has revealed that the carrier has announced an all-staff vacation blackout from the dates of 21 September to 30 September, sparking speculation that the future iPhone will launch on 21 September 2012.