iPhone 5 rumors and the possibility they are confirmed

Nowhereelse.fr has come up with an infographic of the major changes that are rumored to be featured in the future iPhone.

The graphic also contains a rating of the probability that they will be included in the device.

The changes are the following:

A larger 4-inch screen (97% possibility)

A new design (89% possibility)

A smaller 8/9-pin dock connector (94% possibility)

A relocated jack (94% possibility)

A powerful quad-core processor (89% possibility)

1 GB RAM (81% possibility)

A better camera (55% possibility)

NFC chip (42% possibility)

4G LTE compatibility (92% possibility)

Nano-SIM implementation (79% possibility)

Enanced Bluetooth capabilities (72% possibility)

September 12 launch (96% possibility)

September 21 release on the market (89% possibility)