iPhone 5 release date: AT&T vacation blackout denied

A recent report by TechCrunch stated that AT&T gave a vacation blackout from Sept. 21 through Sept. 30.

The rumor gave rise to speculation on the possible September 21 launch of Apple’s next iPhone.

However, 9to5Mac now reports that the company’s spokesperson has denied the blackout dates.

The site writes:

“This morning, an AT&T spokesperson told us that there is no company-wide vacation blackout at the end of September. We’ve also talked to AT&T reps at other stores who’ve implied that, depending on staffing levels of that particular store, more people are being put on duty – but there is no “blackout”. In fact one New York employee will be sitting out the first week of the iPhone launch on a long planned vacation.”

The iPhone 5 is rumored to be intoduced on Sept. 12 and released on the market nine days later on Sept. 21.