iPhone 5 rumors: new leak shows A6 chip for Apple’s next iPhone

Sonny Dickson has tweeted an image of what is claimed to be the iPhone 5 logic board powered by an A6 processor.

The logical board appears without a protective EMI shielding for an internal look at the A6 chip.

However, as 9to5mac and MacRumors note, it is hard to establish for certain if the photo is indeed authentic due to the small size and low quality.

Sonny Dickson wrote that it needed to be “enhanced with Photoshop.”

Another picture posted by Dickson showed the rumored 9-pin dock cable.

If the rumors are true, the next iPhone would be the first iOS device to be powered by an A6 CPU.

An A5 chip currently equips the iPhone 4S and an A5X chip is used in the third-generation iPad.