iPad Mini mockup appears online – VIDEO

The clip, which was posted online Friday by Japanese blog MacOtakara (via Apple Insider), presents a dummy model from various angles.

The device comes with the new Lightning dock port and a thinner side bezel.

The new port is placed at the bottom of the device, while the headphone jack resides on the top of the device.

The report also notes the presence of a black strip at the top of the device’s backplate, which may be an indicator that it could include cellular capabilities.

The handset will reportedly compete with Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD and Google’s Nexus 7.

The iPad Mini is expected to feature a 7.85-inch screen and to be priced between $200 and $250.

Other rumored specs include 1024 x 768 resolution, an A5X chip and iOS 6

iPhone 5 release news, teardowns, comparisons and more

Credit: Apple

On Friday, the new iPhone went on sale in 22 more countries and several regional carriers in the US, and by the end of the year the device will be available in 100 countries on 240 carriers.

On several regional carriers, the new iPhone was offered for $50 less than their national competitors.

A report by Tech Crunch announced that a contract-free new iPhone at AT&T can be unlocked easily through iTunes.

In addition, it was reported that the iPhone 5 offered by Verizon comes with an unlocked SIM slot.

Bloomberg reported that tight supplies of the iPhone 5 during the device’s launch weekend were caused by the integration of in-cell technology for the new displays, which apparently requires more work than previous screen types.

Apple’s other supplier, Sharp, announced that it is producing “adequate volumes” of displays for the device, after recent reports stated that the company was behind in the production of such components and was even blamed for the shortage of iPhone 5 units at the phone’s launch.

The release of the iPhone 5 constituted a major boost for iOS developers, as well as for the reseller market.

The new iPhone’s user guide contained a reference to an official “iPhone Dock” accessory that is set to be sold separately even thought the company has yet to offer its own branded dock for the handset and its new Lightning connector.

This week there have been reports about issues that iPhone 5 users are facing.

Owners of the white iPhone 5 have complained about a light leakage from the edges of the device.

Issues with the new iPhone’s Wi-Fi connectivity have also been reported by users.

Credit: Apple

Other iPhone 5 adopters reported problems with the aspect of their new devices that came scuffed and scratched out of the box.

However, according to Apple Senior Vice President of Marketing Phil Schiller, such scratching is “normal” with use for aluminum products.

The new iPhone camera, which was upgraded with improved low-light performance and crystal sapphire lens has also been a source of discontent as users have reported seeing a purple halo on some photos they took with their device.

Soon after the handset arrived on the market, an iPhone 5 teardown video by iFixYouri surfaced online, offering a detailed analysis of the internal components of the device.

The new iPhone’s strength was tested after being dropped on the floor repeatedly through its first drop and durability test.

A video demonstrating the device’s capacity of supporting connections of up to 100 Mbits was posted online.

A parallel between the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 4S’ photo capabilities was made by iMore’s Leanna Lofte.

After comparing several shots taken with the two smartphones, she concluded that the iPhone 5 has a better display than its predecessor.

Another test was performed by iLounge who checked the battery life of the new iPhone under several conditions, including cellular and Wi-Fi web browsing, voice calls, FaceTime calls, video recording and video and audio playback.

A study made by energy efficiency organization Opower, that calculated the annual energy cost for charging the iPhone 5, showed that it takes $0.41 per year to power up the handset, which equates to 3.5 kilowatt hours per year.

Kings of Leon bassist Jared Followill marries Martha Patterson

Kings of Leon bassist wed model Martha Patterson in Charlotte, Tennessee, on Saturday. The couple got engaged in April.

“Today, I get married. It’s the biggest step I’ve ever taken. I’ve dreamed about this day since I was a little girl,” Followill tweeted before the ceremony.

Patterson also tweeted about the big day: “Marrying my best friend today. I’m the luckiest girl in the world. :)”

Jared Followill’s marriage closes the circle of married “Kings” of the band as he was the only one who hadn’t tied the knot.

Jared also posted a wedding photo of the two of them with the message: “Aaaaaand I’m married. Happiest man in the world.”

Congratulations to the happy couple!

Belarus soldier Pyotr Pankratau rescues baby squirrel Minsk – PHOTOS

This is one of the cutest things we’ve ever seen!

Warrant officer Pyotr Pankratau, a former soldier in the Belarussian army, rescued from death and adopted a baby squirrel named Minsk.

Soldiers in Belarus found a baby squirrel that was almost dead and brought it to their officer, Pyotr Pankratau. The man managed to save the baby, feeding it every four hours until it recovered.

Pankratau left de army and now works as a taxi driver.

The pair seem inseparable and the pictures below speaks for themselves:

Photos: Sodahead

iPhone 5 release is massive boost for resellers

Credit: Apple

According to The Wall Street Journal, second-hand iPhones usually go from the US to overseas.

Owners of older models prefer to use their devices to offset the cost for the latest version.

“We are supply constrained. There is insatiable demand for this product,” said Israel Ganot, chief executive of buyback service Gazelle Inc.

The publication writes that older iPhones can be sold for more than their initial purchase price.

This happens because US carriers tie the price of the iPhone to annual contracts and users eventually pay a higher cost than they actually realize.

Thereby, a 16G iPhone 4S can be priced at $240 on Gazelle, which is $40 higher than what most US users paid for the device.

The report also notes that the iPhone 4 can sell for $145.

As for broken iPhones, they are used for parts or repaired overseas.

WSJ notes that AT&T iPhones can be more valuable on this second-hand market as they can be available on more networks overseas.

The iPhone 5 release sparked an increase in the reseller market.

Gazelle reportedly gave out over 500,000 quotes on the day the iPhone 5 was launched, and over 2.5 million in September, which is five times as much as last year when the iPhone 4S was introduced.

Kate Middleton rumors: Danish magazine denies publishing new photos of the Duchess of Cambridge

New York Daily News reports that Danish magazine Se Og Hor has obtained photos of Kate Middleton changing her bathing suit.

The pics are said to be from the same France vacation which first caused controversy of a topless Middleton.

The photo scandal was sparked when French tabloid Closer published photos of the Duchess appearing topless on the balcony of a 19th century hunting lodge in southern France, on Sept. 14.

“It’s a set of unique photos from an A-class celebrity. It is my job to publish them,” Se og Hor’s editor in chief, Kim Henningsen said according to the Daily Mail.

The royals’ representatives refused to comment.

“Our stance is the same as before — we aren’t commenting on any further legal action save to say all proportionate responses will be kept under review,” a spokesperson told E! News.

William and Kate are repoirtedly suing Closer for the photos, calling it a gross invasion of privacy.

iPhone 5 release in US regional carriers coming at $50 discount

Credit: Apple

Regional carriers Appalachian Wireless, C Spire, Cellcom, Cricket (formerly Leap), GCI and nTelos are selling the iPhone 5 for a discount over what top carriers are charging, PC Magazine reports.

Offering a $50 discount for the normal retail price, Cellcom, nTelos and Appalachian have priced the handset at $149 for the 16GB version, $249 for the 32GB model and $349 for the 64GB model.

“We’ve seen the anticipation for iPhone 5 grow and are excited to soon offer our customers this fantastic phone on our network,” Cellcom CEO Pat Riordan said in a statement.

nTelos Wireless President Jim Hyde announced that “Now customers can couple the world’s most iconic device with our industry-leading, nationwide unlimited smartphone plans.”

The site also writes that many regional carriers will sell the iPhone 4S for $49.99.

Camera+ app comes to the iPad

Camera+, an iPhone camera application that has been one of the most popular photography apps in the App Store is coming to the iPad.

The new app for iPad comes with many of the features of the iPhone version, bringing with it iCloud sync.

The app will help users sync photos between the iPhone and iPad versions of the app for easier editing.

In addition, there is a host of new features only available in the iPad version.

They include the brush-on effects with which users use their finger where they want to apply effects by setting brush size, softness, and intensity.

Straightening photos, advanced image adjustments, and importing photos from Flickr and Facebook on the iPad are among the new features.

In addition, on the iPad, the app helps to separate focus and exposure from each other, something that the camera app in iOS doesn’t have.

Camera+ is on sale for a price of $0.99 and is now available in the iTunes App Store.

Source: The New York Times via Tap Tap Tap

iPhone 5 release is major boost for App Store

Credit: Apple

According to Forbes, free fashion app Cloth downloads have jumped as much as 246% by September 24.

Seth Porges, developer of free fashion app Cloth, said:

“For weeks prior to the iPhone 5‘s release, downloads of my iOS app Cloth (it’s a fashion thing, in case you’re interested) had been fairly stable. When the iPhone 5 came out on September 21st, downloads jumped about 12 percent from the 20th. On the 22nd, they were up more than 52 percent over the prerelease rate.The 23rd: 157 percent higher. The 24th: a 246 percent bump.”

Also, news reader Flipboard has had download increases of 100%, while NimblBit has recorded an unbelievable 700% increase thanks to their game Tiny Tower.

Jacqueline Tanzella, Director of PR for travel-booking service Hipmunk, believes the App Store updates have helped users find their app:

“I talked to our iOS developer, and he says the iTunes feature definitely helped, but he attributed part of the increase to the new UI of the App Store, which shows a screenshot of the product. Now users can really see that our layout and results are a visual display and that we are really different from other travel apps.”

The site writes that the boost may be linked to the updates the App Store came with, which makes it easier for users to discover the iOS apps and provides app screenshots in search results.

iPhone 5 release: Sharp says ‘adequate volumes’ of iPhone 5 displays are produced now

Recent reports stated that Sharp was behind in the production of in-cell displays and was even blamed for the shortage of iPhone 5 units at the phone’s launch.

Now Reuters reports that a Sharp executive announced that the company is producing “adequate volumes” of iPhone 5 displays at a press conference in Japan.

LG and Japan Display have been named as other suppliers for providing iPhone 5 screens.

Deutsche Securities analyst Yasuo Nakane speculates that Japan Display and LG Display can produce roughly eight million displays each month, while Sharp can offer six million displays.

The iPhone 5 sold more than 5 million units during its debut weekend.

The new iPhone comes with a larger 4-inch screen. The in-cell touch technology used in its production helped make the smartphone 18 % thinner and 20 % lighter than the previous iPhone 4S.