iPhone 5 rumors in August: September release date, part leaks, videos and more

We have seen in recent weeks in a multitude of information and documents leaked on the iPhone 5.

At the start of the month ending now, various website announced that the handset will be unveiled on September 12 at an Apple live keynote with pre-orders set to be implemented immediately.

Many photos created a buzz a few weeks before the official release of the iPhone 5 as they presented various parts of the future device.

Most of them were those of the dock connector and came from repair firm iResQ. The images showed that the new port is smaller than the previous model and would feature only 8 pins.

Moreover, the jack is now placed at the bottom of the unit and the front camera is more centered. Finally, another detail that didn’t go unnoticed: the device is significantly thinner than the iPhone 4S, and at the same time it could be lighter.

Another rumor concerned the new design of the handset, especially the longer screen. This was highlighted by the revelation that the iOS 6 can feature five rows of icons.

The arrival of a nano-SIM card has also been discussed after photos were published by French site Nowhereelse.fr.

Some leaked images show that the SIM card is smaller than that used in the iPhone 4S.

Also, several videos appeared on the web, some of them comparing parts of the iPhone 5 with those of the iPhone 4S.

Among the features that were analyzed are the home, switch and volume buttons and the tray for the nano-SIM card.

Prototypes of the future iPhone and other photos circulated on the web, but no official source confirmed these rumors.

In anticipation of a new Apple product launch, rumors and revelations multiply on the web so it is almost impossible to disentangle the true rumors from the false ones.

The rumors circulating on the web can’t inform with certainty which features will be included in the iPhone 5, so all we can do is wait for the product release to confirm them or not.