iPhone 5 rumors: next iPhone could borrow internal elements from iPhone 3GS

RepairLabs, who posted the pictures, writes that the metal brackets that can be spotted in the images “suggest that it will be sitting into a housing, similar to a 3GS, but more updated and modern.”

The site writes:

“…it looks like it has a plastic 3GS-type midframe running around the digitizer and glass LCD assembly, we notice a striking similarity to a 3GS, with the bottom screws and brackets. We think it’s going to pull open from the front.”

In addition, the bottom screw brackets appear to be similar to the design of the iPhone 3GS.

The device presented includes the rumored 9-pin dock connector.

“From the width of the bracket, we can tell the charger port is indeed going to be smaller because it has to fit between the two silver bottom screw brackets, just like a 3GS. These pictures suggest that the LCD may pull apart from the Digitizer, given the rivets on the sides. (This is similar again to the 3GS, but a departure from the 4 and 4S.)”
the site adds.

The iPhone 5 is expected to be released on September 12 at an Apple live keynote.