iPhone 5 release date: FedEx announces “surge volume” on 21-24 September

FedEx has notified employees about a “surge volume” event on the 21st to the 24th of September.

MacRumors speculates that the memo could be related to the iPhone 5 launch on the market, rumored to be set for Friday, September 21.

The notice by FedEx read:

“Due to the upcoming ‘surge volume’ event between Sep 21-24, this class has been postponed to the week of Nov 5-9 and you have automatically been moved to that class. If you are unable to attend the week of Nov 5-9, please send me an email and we’ll remove you from the roster. Thank you for your understanding.”

The site also notes that FedEx is Apple’s shipping partner for deliveries in the US.

The next-generation iPhone is expected to be introduced at an Apple live keynote next Wednesday, Sept. 12, with the officially launch on the market following nine days later.