iPhone 5 rumors: 6 new iPhones to be unveiled with 4S price points

9to5Mac reports that Apple will present a single generation iPhone model code named “N42” next week on September 12th.

The report states that black and white versions will be launched at the event, carrying the same three prices as the iPhone 4S: $199/$299/$399.

Citing a well-known U.S. retail chain, the site posted the part codes matrix for the iPhone 5 model: N42A-USA -$199, N42B-USA-$199, N42A-USA-$299, N42B-USA-$299, N42A-USA-$399, N42B-USA-$399, with A and B indicating black and white.

Back in May, he site reported that another iPhone model code named “N41” featuring NFC tech was prepared by Cupertino, but the company chose the N42, which doesn’t come with such capabilities, over the N41.

9to5Mac also writes that pre-orders will start soon after the launch of the handset, but international shipping won’t start immediately.