iPhone 5 rumors: Apple to drop noise-canceling tech from Audience

Source: iFixIt

Now reports state that the company said Apple is “unlikely” to use its technology in the upcoming iPhone.

In an interview with Reuters, Audience’s CEO Peter Santos said that “the normal course of business led us to believe that our technology is not likely to be enabled in Apple’s next-generation mobile phone.”

A dedicated Audience chip was used in the iPhone 4, while the 4S had the company’s “EarSmart” technology integrated into the A5 processor.

AppleInsider speculates that Cupertino may be planning to introduce its own voice quality tech in the future iPhone.

“While we are disappointed by this development, we are confident in the diversification of our business and see sustainable growth in 2012 and beyond,” Santos said.

“As such we are raising guidance for the third quarter of 2012. Looking ahead, we believe our expansion into adjacent markets such as Smart TVs, automotive, and notebooks, will continue to bring growth in 2013 and beyond.”

Apple’s live keynote where the iPhone is expected to debut will take place in San Francisco on Sept. 12 at 10 a.m.