iPhone 5 release date rumors, leaks, announcements and more

The most important news is undoubtedly the one regarding the invites sent out by Apple announcing the live keynote on September 12, when the iPhone 5 is likely to be unveiled.

The event will take place at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco and will begin at 10:00 AM Pacific / 1:00 PM Eastern.

Apple has reportedly started preparing the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco for its upcoming live keynote, with Apple logos and exterior banners going up at the venue.

Interestingly, a MacRumors forum user noticed that a colorful banner looks like stretched iOS icons, including Game Center, iTunes, Music and App Store, seemingly confirming rumors that Apple plans to introduce a bigger display in its next iPhone.

A report by Allyson Kazmucha at iMore suggested that the invites that were recently sent by the company could actually be fake, especially as fraudsters are likely to take advantage of the hype surrounding the highly-anticipated device.

9to5Mac reported that Apple will launch black and white versions of the new iPhone next week, carrying the same three prices as the iPhone 4S: $199/$299/$399.

Other major news this week was a leak revealing that the next iPhone might follow the pattern of the latest version of the iPad and be called “The New iPhone.”

Dutch blog iphonenieuwsblog.nl posted an image of what appears to be the printing for iPhone 5 packaging which shows the wording “The New iPhone” written on the packaging.

Reports have suggested that refreshed versions of the iPod touch, nano, and shuffle may also be introduced at the media event next week.

The company will reportedly drop its 3GS model and replace it with an 8GB version of the iPhone 4S.

Rumors pointing to a September 21 launch were fueled by reports that FedEx has notified employees about a “surge volume” event on the 21st to the 24th of September.

MacRumors reported that Apple is reportedly looking to develop its presence in Europe.

The company has been targeting a store at a mall in a town outside of Stuttgart, Germany, and set September 22 as the store’s grand opening, fueling rumors of an iPhone 5 launch on the following day.

In Asia, China Unicom will reportedly launch the next-gen iPhone by the end of the year even though Apple launches usually take a few months before they arrive in China.

Leaked videos, photos and concepts of the future iPhone were omnipresent as usual.

A video of an assembled iPhone 5 was spotted by GSM Israel at the IFA consumer electronics fair.

A clip showing how a bigger 4-inch display could be switched on was uploaded to YouTube by an anonymous user.

An iPhone 5 prototype booting up next to an iPhone 4S were captured in a clip.

Another comparison between the two models showed that the iPhone 4S is thicker than the next model judging by the width of the glass backplate.

Repair firm iResQ compared the iPhone 5 battery placed in the rear casing with that of the current 4S model and found that the next-generation battery is taller and it is rated at 3.8 volts and a 5.45 watt-hours, slightly higher than the iPhone 4S’ 3.7 volt, 5.3 watt-hour unit.

Several photos posted by French blog nowhereelse.fr presented a comparison between Apple’s smaller port connector and the standard Micro USB and revealed similar dimensions for the two components.

Sonny Dickson posted a series of images showing that there is no NFC chip located under the square bracket that was previously leaked, but rather an earpiece speaker.

AT&T’s internal accessory systems revealed several iPhone 5 cases which are from two different manufacturers and a render that shows a new screen protector.

Taiwanese teen idol Jimmy Lin posted a picture of himself holding what he claims to eb a larger-screened iPhone 5.

News on the rumored components and accessories were rife as well.

German site iFun.de posted a picture of the new Nano-SIM that is currently being distributed by Deutche Telekom to its partners.

An iLounge report stated that Apple could be the only company selling the new dock adaptors that work with current accessories.

A Wall Street Journal article suggested that the next iPhone will offer support for 4G LTE networks across the globe, but it is unlikely that it will be available on every carrier.

The upcoming iPhone will reportedly drop the noise-canceling tech from Audience, leading to speculation that Cupertino may be planning to introduce its own voice quality tech in the future handset.

Analyst speculation by Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster suggested that the launch of the device will bring Apple sales of up to 28 million, as compared to previous expectations pointing to sales of between 22 million and 23 million iPhones in the September quarter.

Analyst Rob Cihra of Evercore Partners wrote about the possible supply chain issues which could have a positive impact on the iPhone 5 release date.

A USA Today report states that in anticipation of the new Apple release, many iPhone owners are looking to put their old devices up for sale in order to upgrade to the new model.