iPhone 5 release rumors: iPhone owners planning to sell ahead of new Apple media event

A USA Today report states that the main reason for this new trend is the multitude of rumors alleging Apple’s next smartphone will come with a redesigned form factor and new features.

The site also cites Jeff Trachsel, chief marketing officer of NextWorth, a company that offers quotes for and buys back used devices, who says that iPhone 4 users who didn’t purchase the 4S model because of the small differences between the two versions are now also eager to upgrade to the new iPhone.

Requests for quotes ahead of the rumored new iPhone launch have increased at NextWorth.

“This year, it happened a lot sooner than in years past, and happened in greater scale,” Trachsel says.

From Aug. 17 to Sept. 6 the number of old iPhones quotes went up 610% on NextWorth.com, as compared to the same period ahead of the iPhone 4S launch last year.

Almost half of the quotes requested for old iPhones at NextWorth are iPhone 4, while the iPhone 4S represents about 20%.

“A lot of people thought it wasn’t worth breaking their contract going from 4 to 4S,” Trachsel says.

Gazelle, one of the rivals of NextWorth, recorded an increase in the number of iPhone owners looking to sell.

“It’s the biggest iPhone launch ever,” Anthony Scarsella, Gazelle’s chief gadget officer, says. “The new body style is definitely influencing consumer behavior.”

USA Today writes that consumers are advised by buyback companies to make requests for quotes as prices decrease prior to the new launch.

Used iPhone prices vary from $315 for the top-end model (an AT&T iPhone 4S with 64 GB) to $35 for low-end smartphones (iPhone 3G with 8GB).