iPhone 5 rumors: Vodafone nano-SIMs stockpiled for new iPhone

In a blog article titled “First photos of Vodafone nano-SIM cards,” the company announced that 500,000 nano-SIMs were stockpiled in order to meet the demand for the upcoming iPhone after its launch.

“They’re so slim and tiny you might only be able to handle them with tweezers – but imagine the extra space the new nano-SIM card frees up inside your handset,” the post read.

“The first devices have now been announced – and Vodafone has now got 500,000 of the new 12.3 mm x 8.8 mm nano-SIMs in stock.”

Photos of Vodafone versions of the new nano-SIM were posted by Pocket-lint, the site who also spotted the company’s announcement (which has was taken down in the meantime), and iFun.

In addition, according to iFun, Vodafone Germany has stocks of nano-SIM cards that are ready for shipment in the next 24 hours.

The nano-SIM that is expected to be included in the new iPhone is expected to be around 40% smaller than the current micro-SIM that Apple has been using since 2010.