iPod and iTunes updated versions presented at media event by Apple: live coverage

Image: Apple

Eddy Cue comes on stage.

A new iTunes Store was built for the iPhone and iPad. The App Store was also redesigned.

New store apps will be available on the 19th with iOS 6.

The new iTunes is “dramatically simpler”, Cue says.

“Each album comes with a feature we call ‘in the store’ where you can see top songs and albums.”

“You can also browser your library by artist. We’ve given the artist the ability to share photos with you in your library. Here’s some photos Coldplay is sharing.”

A new mini-player design is introduced.

“We’ve built iCloud right into iTunes.”

The demos shows the App Store in iTunes for the Mac can be experienced the same as on the mobile device.

The new iTunes will be available in late October.

Greg Joswiak comes on stage to talk iPod.

“iPod and music are part of the DNA of the company.”

“We wanted to take the chance to reinvent the Nano. We thought, “what elements do we want to add?”

“We wanted to give it a large display. Give it nice controls. Make it thin and light. And of course, the Lightning connector.”

The new iPod nano is 50% thinner than the Nano it replaces. It features a larger screen, a 2.5-inch MultiTouch display, a home button and it’s 5.4mm thin.

It comes in seven colors: aluminum, black, purple, green, blue, yellow and red.

The device comes with an integrated FM tuner.

“It even has live pause, so you can pause or go back and listen to something again.”

“And we’re bringing video back to the iPod nano. And it’s widescreen video — and it uses every pixel.”

Bluetooth, the new Lighting connector and better battery life are also included.

Next is the iPod touch.

The device is 6.1mm thin and weighs 88 grams, being the lightest Touch Apple has ever made.

“Almost as thin as the nano, but it’s a touch!”

The back is made from aluminum with a brushed finish and the Lightning connector is included.

It comes with the iPhone 5 4″ display, it’s powered by the A5 processor and provides 7x faster graphics than the previous model.

The battery life is improved, with 40 hours of music playback and 8 hours of video.

The 5-megapixel camera features the same sapphire crystal lens cover as the iPhone 5. The new Panorama feature is included.

The iPod touch also brings a 720p front-facing FaceTime camera, with 1080p video on the back side, an iSight camera, Bluetooth 4.0, AirPlay mirroring and Siri.

“iPod touch customers love to take pictures and shoot video. For the first time we’re building an iSight camera into the iPod touch. And we’re building autofocus and a flash into it.”

The device comes with a new feature called the Loop that is meant to serve as a wrist-strap for security when taking photos or walking.

It comes in five colors: raw aluminum, black, blue, yellow and red.

“Now I want to turn our attention to something else that’s really important for music. And that’s speakers.”

“Doing a great headphone is hard. Ears are challenging. Everyone’s are different, but you have to make one size.”

“We spent 3 years designing new headphones.”

Introducing the EarPods.

The new accessories are the same as the ones leaked a few weeks ago.

“EarPods are designed to direct sound into the ear.”

They will be shipped as a standalone accessory starting today.

“But you might have guessed that we want to include these with our products too.” That is, with the iPod touch, iPod nano, and iPhone 5.

As for prices, iPod Shuffle will stay at $49, the 16GB iPod Nano is $149, 4th Gen iPod Touch is 16GB/$199, 32GB/$249 and 5th Gen iPod Touch is 32GB/$299, 64GB/$399.

The new iPod nano and touch will be available in October.