iPhone 5 rumors that proved to be true

Credit: Apple

Nevertheless, there were also rumors that turned out to be fake, such as the implementation of a 3D camera and the NFC chip.

Below is a list of the rumors that proved to be true:

  • September 12 release date;
  • launch on September21;
  • implementation of 4-inch screen;
  • case made ​​of two materials;
  • thinner form factor;
  • implementation of Nano-SIM;
  • repositioning of the audio port;
  • 4G LTE compatibility;
  • new A6 chip;
  • implementation of a microphone to eliminate background noise;
  • 1136 x 640 resolution;
  • smaller Lightning dock connector;
  • a new pair of headphones;
  • repositioned FaceTime camera and implementation of HD;
  • improved main camera.