iPhone 5 to be available on China Unicom by the end of the year

Image courtesy Apple

The information was revealed by China Unicom in a recent interview with Chinese technology site Sohu IT, The Next Web reports.

The company’s vice president Li Gang said in an interview that they have reached an agreement with Apple and now China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Radio Authority have to give their approval.

“If [approval] goes smoothly, China Unicom will release the iPhone in China within three months,” Li said (according to The Next Web’s translation).

The site writes that this collaboration could benefit both Apple and China Unicom, as previous iPhone releases took at least three months to arrive.

In addition, China Telecom confirmed to the publication that it will offer the iPhone 5 around the same time.

The iPhone 5 will reportedly be available in 100 countries across 240 carriers by the end of the year.