How to turn a micro-SIM into a nano-SIM for the iPhone 5

CNET’s John Chan explains how owners of unlocked iPhones can reduce the size of their micro-SIMs.

The nano-SIM is almost 40% smaller than the micro-SIM and measures 15 x 12 x 0.76mm.

However, it is also known to be 12 % thinner than its predecessor, which means that it’s not just its size but also its thickness that has to be reduced.

Chan writes:

“Now, let’s say the SIM tray on the iPhone 5 allows a nano-SIM up to 0.70mm (as permitted by the allowance in the standard set by ESTI), I will need to pare down 0.12mm on my micro-SIM so that it will fit. After a few minutes of sanding with some sandpaper (240 grit, for those who care), it was finally down to 0.70mm. But did the sanding damage the card?

I’m happy to report that the card, even at 0.70mm, continued to work when inserted in an HTC One X. Sanding the non-metal side of the micro-SIM did not appear to affect how it functions.”

Until the new iPhone hits shelves in retail stores, the method cannot be verified.