iPhone 5 EarPods teardown points to more durable design

iFixit posted photos of the teardown of the new EarPods on Tuesday.

The site discovered a completely redesigned shape that is meant to fit the human ear.

In addition, iFixit writes that the EarPods boast “significant improvements in durability.”

The remote control houses two buttons and a microphone, but it is better sealed from moisture.

They noted that the speaker is pointed forward into the ear canal.

The site also wrote:

– Apple’s switch to paper-based speaker cones may be the source of their advertised improved low and mid-range response.

– We also discovered that the speaker basket has a much more refined look than previous models (see comparison in next step), with a fine mesh covering the back and symmetrically-placed vents. The basket is a critical component, as it must be rigid to maintain consistent sound quality while still being open enough to not inhibit movement of air behind the vibrating diaphragm.

The EarPods come with the iPhone 5, as well as the new iPod touch and iPod nano, and as a standalone accessory they sell for $29.