11-year-old Victoria Walker wins $20,000 from AT&T for developing “Rode Dog” app that discourages texting while driving

For helping to create this application, Victoria Walker won $20,000 from AT&T as part of a promotion to generate awareness for the “It Can Wait” campaign that advocates against distracted driving.

The application, called “Rode Dog,” was made in collaboration with software designer David Grau.

The “Rode Dog” app makes sounds of barking at people that text while driving and does not stop until the driver puts the phone down.

Basically, a group of friends is defined ant the aim is to act as monitors for one another.

When a person in the pack is caught texting while driving, the other members can trigger the barking on the phone belonging to the person who violates the rules.

The sound automatically stops when the driver stops texting.

The “Rode Dog” app will be launch later this year and has been developed for Android, Windows Phone and iOS.