iPhone 5 release: new iPhone supplies reduced due to in-cell display technology

Credit: Apple

The in-cell screen technology is used by Apple for the first time, with components being manufactured by LG Display and Japan Display.

With this new tech, the touch sensors are integrated directly into the display rather than added as a separate layer, allowing Apple to create thinner screens for the new iPhone.

According to Bloomberg, the tight iPhone 5 supplies during the device’s launch weekend were caused by the in-cell technology.

The production process for the new displays apparently requires more work than previous screen types.

“This is like the opening weekend for the summer blockbuster movie,” said Tom Dinges, senior principal analyst at IHS ISuppli. “They needed to get a lot of products in the door during a tight window, and these supply constraints that were talked about probably did have some impact.”

Recent reports state that owners of the white iPhone 5 have reportedly complained about light leaking from the edges of the device.