iPhone 5 battery life could be boosted by cellular signal strength

iLounge has tested the battery life of the new iPhone under several conditions, including cellular and Wi-Fi web browsing, voice calls, FaceTime calls, video recording and video and audio playback.

While there was no problem with the device in most cases, the battery life did suffer with transfers of cellular data or with voice calls, something that might be caused by the weak signal.

The report stated:

“if you’re using your iPhone 5 in places a with a very strong (4- to 5-bar) LTE or 3G signal, your cellular battery life may approach that number, but if not, the cellular antenna will struggle to maintain a signal, and fall well short. Because LTE and 3G/4G towers are in a state of build-out flux right now, our tests suggest that many LTE users won’t come close to Apple’s promised numbers.”

More detailed results of iLounge’s analysis are available on the site.

The site concludes that Apple gave more importance to the smartphone’s thinness and speed rather than to battery life.