iPhone 5 camera creates purple halo effect on some photos

However, some users have reported seeing a purple halo on some photos they took with their iPhone 5.

The problem was first described by forum users at tech review site AnandTechand reported by Cult of Mac.

The effect takes place when the camera is directed towards bright light soyrces, such as the sun or incandescent light.

The issue isn’t experienced by all iPhone 5 users.

One user was reportedly told by Apple that the issue is widespread and is currently being addressed by the company.

According to Cult of Mac, the problem may be caused by the Sapphire lens.

Sapphire comes in a range of colors and the refracting through purple sapphire lenses could be what causes the halo effect.

Various users have been complaining that the phone is easily scuffed and scratched.

Others have reported light leakage on the white iPhone 5 or issues with the Wi-Fi connectivity.