iPhone 5 vs. iPhone 4S photos comparison

iMore’s Leanna Lofte draws attention to Apple’s ability to cram all of the latest iPhone’s components into a body that is 18 % thinner than its predecessor.

She believes that the colors and vibrancy of the photos taken with the new iPhone are better than those made with the iPhone 4S.

However, after comparing several shots taken with the two phones she comes to the conclusion that the iPhone 5 has a better display than its predecessor.

That is what explains the quality of the images made with the new smartphone.

Side-by-side comparisons of photos taken with the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 cameras are posted by Lofte in order to sustain her claims.

The photo on the left is made with the iPhone 4S, while the one on the right is taken with an iPhone 5.

The iMore editor notes that despite Apple boasting better HDR capability in the new iPhone’s camera, the differences can hardly be observed.

Regarding the low-light photos, she writes that the iPhone 4S photos seem to be “much warmer,” while the new iPhone brings more realism to the pictures.

In addition, the front-facing camera on the iPhone 5 takes much better pics than the previous model.

The Panorama mode is also compared but due to some lens flare that appears in the photo taken with the 4S, Lofte couldn’t say for certain whether the new iPhone is better.

iPhone 4S

iPhone 5

The conclusion of the article is that there aren’t big changes between the two cameras and while the iPhone 5’s camera came with improvements, they shouldn’t be the main reason for upgrading to Apple’s new smartphone.

However, a thinner phone with a great camera, a more accurate display of photos, the ability to take photos while filming constitute, in Lofte’s opinion, a good reason for buying the iPhone 5.

Photos: iMore