iPhone 5 user guide hints at Apple’s own dock

Apple has yet to offer its own branded dock for the iPhone 5 and its new Lightning connector.

However, MacDailyNews found that references to an official “iPhone Dock” accessory that is set to be sold separately are contained in the official iPhone 5 guide.

The rumored “iPhone Dock” accessory is first mentioned on page 7, under the “Connecting cable” heading.

According to the document, the new Lightning to USB Cable, that comes with the iPhone 5, “can also be used with the iPhone Dock (sold separately).”

Page 34 also contains a reference of the dock, informing users that they can connect their device “to your computer using the included cable and the Dock, available separately.”

Apple has offered a first-party dock for $29 for previous iPhones that featured the old 30-pin dock connector.

However, the company has yet to release an iPhone 5 dock for the new redesigned Lightning port.

Source: Apple Insider