iPhone 5 release is major boost for App Store

Credit: Apple

According to Forbes, free fashion app Cloth downloads have jumped as much as 246% by September 24.

Seth Porges, developer of free fashion app Cloth, said:

“For weeks prior to the iPhone 5‘s release, downloads of my iOS app Cloth (it’s a fashion thing, in case you’re interested) had been fairly stable. When the iPhone 5 came out on September 21st, downloads jumped about 12 percent from the 20th. On the 22nd, they were up more than 52 percent over the prerelease rate.The 23rd: 157 percent higher. The 24th: a 246 percent bump.”

Also, news reader Flipboard has had download increases of 100%, while NimblBit has recorded an unbelievable 700% increase thanks to their game Tiny Tower.

Jacqueline Tanzella, Director of PR for travel-booking service Hipmunk, believes the App Store updates have helped users find their app:

“I talked to our iOS developer, and he says the iTunes feature definitely helped, but he attributed part of the increase to the new UI of the App Store, which shows a screenshot of the product. Now users can really see that our layout and results are a visual display and that we are really different from other travel apps.”

The site writes that the boost may be linked to the updates the App Store came with, which makes it easier for users to discover the iOS apps and provides app screenshots in search results.