iPhone 5 launch day video posted online by Apple

The company published the clip to present the launch of the handset across the globe.

The video shows the crowds at the Apple store on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, a store in Germany and another one in Hong Kong.

Features like iCloud integration and the Panorama function are highlighted.

The iPhone 5 is currently available in 30 countries and it is set to debut in 100 countries by the end of the year.

iPhone 5 purple haze gets fixed by Perfectly Clear app

iPhone 5 users have complained about a “purple haze” that kept appearing in their photos.

We recently reported about an application called Camera Fix that aims to solve this problem.

Now a new application promises to do the same.

Perfectly Clear is the name of this app which is extremely complex and solves many issues related to iPhone 5 pictures, but also adds support for the iPad.

The app comes with noise removal and a “beautify” setting, as well as tweaks for exposure, white-balance, vibrance and others.

Perfectly Clear – Photo Correction is available in App Store for 2,69 €.

iPhone 5 is closer to a China launch after regulatory approval

Credit: Apple

AllThingsD reports that two models of the iPhone 5, A1429 and A1442, have been approved by the China State Radio Management agency.

That means that the device is one steop closer to going on sale in the country.

One handset, with the A1429 model number, is compatible with China Unicom’s network, and the second, with the A1442 model number, is compatible with China Telecom’s CDMA network.

China Mobile, the world’s largest carrier, has been negotiating with Apple to offer the iPhone 5 but no deal has been signed yet.

Recent reports state that China Telecom and China Unicom will offer the iPhone 5 as early as this quarter, a move that will narrow the gap in 3G subscribers with rival China Mobile.

iPhone 5 vs. iPod touch 5 camera test

The iPhone 5 comes with an 8-megapixel camera and the iPod touch 5 features a 5-megapixel camera.

The site writes that the full-resolution dimensions of the photos made with the iPod touch 5 are smaller than those of the iPhone 5.

As for print sizes, for printing at 200 ppi, photos made with the iPod touch can print up to 9″x12,” while photos from the iPhone 5 can print up to 12″x16″.

If you print at 300 ppi, iPod touch photos can print up to 6″x8″ images and iPhone 5 photos print up to 8″x10″.

In terms of general photography, the site notes that the iPhone 5 photos “are more vibrant, have more contrast, and are a little warmer,” while the iPod touch 5 photos seem “a little flat” when compared to those made with the iPhone 5.

iPod touch 5 vs. iPhone 5

The two cameras’ macro photography capabilities appear to be similar, especially regarding their ability to focus.

A parallel between photos taken in low-light reveals that the iPhone 5 is better than the iPod touch 5.

iPod touch 5 vs. iPhone 5

Both devices feature the same front-facing 1.2-megapixel FaceTime HD camera, but the comparison showed that the iPod touch 5 photos have a warmer tone than the iPhone 5.

Panoramic photography is also similar on the iPod touch 5 and iPhone 5 cameras, but the iPhone 5 offers more contrast and a slightly warmer tone.

iPod touch 5 vs. iPhone 5

For more photos please visit iMore.

iPhone 5 vs. HTC 8X with Windows Phone 8 camera test

CNET’s Andrew Hoyle took the test with both handsets at their maximum resolutions and all settings put on automatic.

Distant buildings appeared well defined on photos made with the iPhone 5.

The device also offers a more natural image tone, while the 8X images seems to bear a darker, even purple shade.

However, with the 8X users can tweak some of the settings, including white balance, exposure, contrast, saturation, sharpness and ISO speeds.

Hoyle compares the camera’s ability to shoot 1080p video to the video on most higher-end smartphones on the market.

But the winner of the test is the iPhone 5 with slightly clearer and more realistic color tones.

How to grab an iPhone 5 in under 24 hours

Credit: Apple

Joel Johnson at NBCNEWS.com and CNET’s Karyne Levy have shared their experiences of buying the iPhone 5 without having to wait between three to four weeks to actually hold it in their hands.

iPhone 5 units are shipped to Apple stores almost daily and they usually get picked up by people waiting in line or through online ordering.

Here are the steps to follow if you’re willing to get a new iPhone in less than 24 hours as detailed by Joel Johnson.

“Apple updates their in-stock information each evening at 10.

1. Before 10 p.m., go through the process at Apple’s online store to add a new iPhone 5 to your account. Select your model, carrier, and plan, then make sure it’s actually in your online shopping cart. (But don’t check out yet.)

2. A few minutes before 10 p.m., open up your cart and switch the shipping toggle to “In-Store Pick-Up.” A pop-up window will appear, allowing you to input your ZIP code. Go ahead and do that to see which Apple stores are in your area — and which ones you consider too far away for travel.

For more steps go to NBCNEWS.

iPhone 5 pre-orders on India’s Airtel, Aircel start at Rs 45,000

Credit: Apple

Both operators have listed the 16GB version of the handset for Rs 45,500 and the 64GB model comes at a price of Rs 59,500.

According to the listings, the device will be available from November 2 and the carriers offer to ship the product within 7-8 days.

In addition, the nano SIM cards that support iPhone 5 will be available in their outlets starting November 2.

Customers will be able to purchase the device through Apple’s distributors in India, Redington and Ingarm.

Airtel and Aircel executives claim that free minutes and attractive tariff schemes for the iPhone 5 will soon be announced.

“This time around, the price in the retail market as well as that offered by us (Airtel and Aircel) will be identical. But, bundled schemes and free minutes that will be part of special tariff packages that are tailor-made for the iPhone 5 will ensure that our customers recover a significant part of what it cost them to acquire the phone,” said an executive with one of these carriers, as cited by The Economic Times.

iPhone 5 is slower than 4th-gen iPad, benchmarks reveal

Primate Labs has posted early benchmarks of the new iPad 4.

The results show that the new iPad, powered by a dual-core Apple A6 processor clocked at 1.4GHz, is much faster than the previous generation iPad and faster than the 1.3GHz of the iPhone 5.

The new iPad also comes with 1GB of RAM, which is the same as the iPad 3 and iPhone 4, but twice as much as the iPad 2.

Overall, the fourth-generation iPad received a Geekbench score of 1757, besting the iPhone 5, which scored 1571, and the third-generation iPad that got a 791 score.

iPhone 5 coming to China Telecom, Unicom this quarter

Credit: Apple

According to Reuters, this will narrow the gap in 3G subscribers with rival China Mobile.

While China Mobile Ltd is the top carrier in 3G user numbers, China Telecom Corp Ltd and China Unicom Ltd lead in monthly subscriber growth by percentage due to the fact that China Mobile’s 3G network cannot offer support for previous iPhone models.

However, China Mobile’s focus on 3GT expansion leads to it lagging behind its smaller rivals.

“In the next three to six months, there is probably going to be an acceleration in 3G subs,” said Anand Ramachandran, a Hong Kong-based analyst at Barclays. “The subsidies will potentially impact their cost structure on a recurring basis at least over the next 12-18 months.”

Due to network incompatibility, China Mobile has remained the only Chinese carrier that doesn’t offer an iPhone contract.

Reports state that Apple plans to launch the iPhone 5 in China, its biggest iPhone market after the United States, in December.