iPhone 5 graphics power is 10 times better than iPhone 4, Real Racing 3 claims

Credit: Apple

Rob Murray is the executive producer of Foremonkeys, the company that resulted from the merging of IronMonkeys and Firemint.

He closely watched the development of Real Racing 3, which is considered the most advanced game in the App Store in terms of graphics.

In an interview with Pocket Gamer, Murray offered some information about the game, as well as the power of the A6 chip implemented by Apple in its latest iPhone model.

Real Racing 3 is presented by Rob as a revolution in terms of graphics engines implemented in games for mobile phones.

He says that Real Racing 3 is equipped with better graphics and improvements that will be visible on all Apple iOS devices.

Murray explains:

“As you upgrade to the latest devices you will see better dynamic reflections, a lot more per pixel lighting, more normal maps, higher level of detail on the cars, higher texture resolution and a higher quality implementation of features like the rear view mirror. A lot of subtle things add up to make the game look more real. We have a lot more polygons, a lot more textures, a lot more unique shaders, more complex shaders, more per-pixel shaders, more special effects, more texture layers, an advanced new lighting system, an expanded architecture and a whole new art pipeline… Pretty much everything has improved dramatically!”

Murray also claims that the iPhone 5 comes with 10 times more graphics processing power than the iPhone 4.

The difference is considerable, with the iPhone 5 having 2 times more cores than the iPhone 4 and a maximum operating frequency of about 2 times highertwice more RAM and the graphics processor has 3 times more cores.

“It looks like the iPhone 5 might be about 10 times the power of the iPhone 4, and we are pushing that to the limit, just as we were pushing the iPhone 4 to the limit when we released Real Racing 2,” he says.