Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson “secret wedding” rumors

According to the latest Life & Style cover story, the pair will get married, as Kristen is “forcing” Robert to “commit.”

“The Twilight stars have only just reunited, but she’s already forcing him to commit,” a source says.

“When they first dated, Kristen was standoffish — she didn’t want to get engaged or married,” an insider is telling the publication. “Rob did. He felt like she was everything. She was his dream woman, but she wasn’t so sure.”

”An engagement and wedding would seal the deal between them and make Kristen very happy.”

The magazine writes that, “The desperate actress is eager to show she’s deserving of [Pattinson’s] undying devotion” after the cheating scandal with director Rupert Sanders broke out.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if she looked at wedding dresses while in Paris” recently for Fashion Week, the source adds. “She would absolutely want to get engaged soon, maybe even elope this winter.”

“If marrying Robert is what it takes to win him back, she’s more than in. All Kristen wants is for Rob to look at her the way he used to just a few short months ago,” the magazine writes, adding that Stewart has “a sick control over him.”

Wow, do you believe that?

Photo Credit: Life & Style

Source: Gossip Cop