iPad Mini, 13-inch MacBook Pro release delayed due to production issues

Courtesy of CiccareseDesign

According to DigiTimes, shipments of three major upcoming Apple products — the new MacBook Pro, the iPad mini and new iMac — were postpone from September to October due to production issues with the Retina display.

The site writes that “weak yields” of high-resolution screens are to blame for the delays.

The report also reveals that the iPad mini is “suffering low yields for components such as the display and chassis, causing the upstream suppliers to be unable to satisfy Apple’s orders.”

And while the mini tablet’s chassis is made from a material that is similar to the full-size 9.7-inch model, the smaller version will have a “design and tactile feel” different from the latter.

Although DigiTimes bases its claims on sources from Asian suppliers, the site has a record of hit-or-miss reports as far as Apple products are concerned.