iPhone 5 Lightning to 30-pin adapter gets teardown

Peter from Double Helix Cables decided to open up the connector and take pictures of its components.

He first notes that the connector is “beautifully manufactured like a cruel puzzle.”

A rubber dampening piece encircles it and a thin epoxy coating covers all of the circuitry. All of this is covered by a steel cage.

Here is what he found:

“To access the contacts for the audio output to somehow hack a cable to this and make a dock audio output cable – would require a Ph.D. in electrical engineering and specialized tools.

The dock connector is hyperdelicate when removed from its moorings. It is literally floating there with just its pins attaching it, and the pins are ultra fine as usual. Again, good luck modding this thing. Even if you did mod it, making something that would be appealing to look at and profitable to sell, is essentially not going to happen. I really had high hopes that I could get into this thing and attach an audio output cable, but I should have known better.”

Apple has received criticism for the adapter’s $29 price tag and for incompatibility with a number of accessories.