iPhone 5 release news, rumors, camera purple effect, cases, Lightning adapter and more

Credit: Apple

The iPhone 5 camera purple halo effect was finally addressed by Apple in an official statement.

The company posted a support article on its website, advising users to reposition their camera when taking pictures.

Fotodiox, an Illinois-based company, sells a new case called the camHoodie that promises to “greatly reduce purple lens flare” that affects the device.

However, a new problem has been reported by users, namely a green glow is reportedly appearing from the edges of the screen on some devices.

Screen glitches appearing on the keyboard have also been reported by users, notably when a popup window is waiting for text entry.

A survey conducted by ChangeWave Research showed that problems related to the new Maps app and the Lightning port haven’t had no impact on iPhone 5 demand.

The new Lightning adaptors have started being shipped to customers and will be arriving soon.

Two versions of the adapter are available: a $29 direct plug adapter and a $39 adapter with a short cable.

A teardown of the adapter was performed by Peter from Double Helix Cables who took pictures of its components.

Issues with the aluminum casing are reportedly slowing down production of the handset as quality control is being improved at Foxconn.

A recent report announced that Apple is expected to begin stocking iPhone 5 cases later this month and third-party cases could reach store in the week of October 22.

The Guardian reported this week that requirements of delivery for millions of iPhone 5s have sparked an increase in the cost of air freight, which has helped the industry.

Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White, who is touring Hong Kong, described the region as having “iPhone 5 fever” as the device is completely sold out in stores in the city.

In the meantime, Apple is reportedly preparing to launch the new iPhone in India on October 26 and the device is expected to be distributed by directly the company for the first time, rather than through their carrier partners.

The new iPhone is also on its way to Brazil as Anatel, the country’s telecommunications regulatory authority, has approved the sale of the handset.

A new Kickstarter project presents a stand specifically designed to allow placement of the EarPods besides the new iPhone.

And finally, the iPhone 5 has been found to be the most popular topic associated with the #FML (F*** My Life) hashtag last month.