iPhone 5 users report date and time issue

Some iPhone 5 owners, especially those on U.S. network Verizon, have reported that the device displays the incorrect day and time.

According to 21 pages on Apple’s Support Communities forum, users of the new iPhone say the date and time are incorrectly shown, sometimes by a day, in other cases by as much as weeks ahead or behind the proper date and time.

“I’ve had the phone for about two weeks and have noticed the time drifting slowly off by 3-5 minutes,” a person said. “Tonight [October 16] at 10:40pm it changed itself to September 28th 4:35pm.”

“I am having the same issue as well. Imessage is sporadic and I keep losing my time. I have noticed the only time that I am losing the date and time is when I am in 3G, which unfortunately is where I live. I am in Southern California in the suburbs of LA and I was amazed that I do not have 4G at my house. Hopefully a fix will come out soon……. If not I might as well stick with my 4S,” said Boogerlayne.

According to AppleInsider, Apple forum member “dtenberge” was contacted by a “Senior iOS Advisor” who said, “I just got a response from our Engineers, at this time we cannot see anything wrong on our end, they did suggest that you contact Verizon and open up a “ticket” and have them look into it.”

This bug first appeared on September 24, when the iPhone 5 was launched in stores, and complaints have been recorded ever since.

However, there have been no reports of the issue with other iPhone models or devices upgraded to iOS 6.