iPhone 5 rumors on carriers, glitches and scratches, panels and new iPhone vs. Samsung Galaxy S3, iPod touch 4, 5

Credit: Apple

New issues have been reported by owners of the smartphone.

Users have complained that the screen of the new iPhone is flickering when the virtual keyboard is displayed.

Other iPhone 5 owners, especially those on U.S. network Verizon, have reported that the device displays the incorrect day and time.

Until these problems get solve, screen protectors and rear panel replacements are offered as solutions against scratches.

SGP offers the GLAS.t premium tempered glass screen protector for the new iPhone.

A replacement rear shell for the device, that aims to protect it against scratches, is available for $99.

Gizmodo reader Codi Bonney has discovered a way to avoid the paint on the sides of the new iPhone from coming off or the aluminum back from getting scratched by taking down the paint on the device and polishing the aluminum on the sides and the casing.

Apple’s manufacturing partner, Foxconn, explained the production delays regarding the new iPhone, by saying that “the iPhone 5 is the most difficult device that Foxconn has ever assembled.”

Nonetheless, the handset has proven beneficial for Verizon’s third-quarter earnings as the carrier activated 3.1 million iPhones during the quarter, with 650,000 of those being the iPhone 5.

The sixth-generation iPhone could be sold in T-Mobile’s stores next year, according to Morgan Stanley analyst Nick Delfas, who believes the carrier could “announce official iPhone distribution in early 2013.”

In addition, the results of several test and comparison have been posted online this week.

A test verifying smartphone battery life on web browsing revealed that the Samsung Galaxy S3 was the winner.

A comparison between the iPhone 5 and the iPod Touch 5G was made by The Verge, showing that the iPod Touch 5G is thinner than the new iPhone.

Geekbench benchmark scores also revealed that the sixth-generation iPhone is significantly faster than the new iPod touch.

A comparison between the iPhone 5, the iPod touch 5 and the iPod touch 4 was posted by iMore, analyzing the displays, panels, cameras, connectors and form factors of the devices.

A new Kickstarter project presented the Dock+ that comes with Lightning support built in for the iPhone 5.

Finally, reports announced that a BookBook for iPhone made just for the iPhone 5 is coming next month.