Fidel Castro denies death rumors

Reports last week claimed that Castro was dead or near death, with a Spanish newspaper even alleging that he had suffered a stroke and was in a “neurovegetative state.”

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In a newspaper article published in Cuban state media, Castro said rumors of his failing health were “lies.”

“Birds of ill omen! I don’t even remember what a headache feels like. Just to prove what liars they are, I’ll present them with the photos illustrating this article,” the 86-year-old wrote in a piece ironically titled “Fidel Castro near death.”

“A Venezuelan doctor who lives who-knows-where said that Castro was suffering from a stroke in the right half of the brain,” he continued.

“This presumed doctor, who has abandoned his compatriots qualified my state of health as ‘close to being in a vegetative state’.”

“Although a lot of people in the world are taken in by the organs of information, almost all of which are in the hands of the privileged and the rich that publish these stupidities, people are increasingly believing less and less in them,” he wrote.

The article was posted on the website on Monday and included pictures of Castro standing outdoors, leaning on a cane and reading a Friday newspaper.