Mario Testino believed in Gisele Bündchen

At the beginning of her career the supermodel was rejected by 42 agents in London, when she was 17 years old.

“I was finally taken on the 43rd try,” the supermodel told AFP.

But photographer Mario Testino believed in Gisele, and he was right to do it. Now, Bündchen is the highest paid model in the world.

“Nobody liked her, nobody wanted her,” Testino told The Observer. “I had to fight to get her into my stories because nobody thought she was right – too this, too that, the nose, the breasts, the waist. But I believe in being obsessed, in getting obsessed.”

Gisele also gave advice to aspiring models: “You have to know your good side for photos… to feel comfortable in your own skin to be beautiful and to have a lot of perseverance. So if you think you are right for it, perseverance is the key.”

Mario Testino shot photos for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s engagement, worked with Princess Diana and Kate Moss.

[Photo: Givenchy]