Gerard Butler and Madalina Ghenea dating rumors confirmed by pictures

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In the spring the actress/model gave an interview in which she spoke about the actor.

Rumors of a possible relationship with Gerard Butler have circulated lately, and now it seems that the photos speak for themselves.

First, they were caught kissing by photographs of Vanity Fair Italy on the French Riviera. Then in the South of France on a romantic stroll in the rain.

According to Vanity Fair Italy, Madalina Ghenea also wrote on Twitter: “I am the happiest woman in the world.”

The Scottish actor also gave an interview to Men’s Journal in which he talks about his Romanian girlfriend, and if judging by the photos she must be no other than Madalina Ghenea.

Ghenea will appear in “Dom Hemingway” directoed by Richard Shepard in 2013, alongside Jude Law.

Butler has been in relationships with Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Biel, Ashley Greene, Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton.