iPhone 5 support, improved photo resolution on Dropbox update

Previously, the full-resolution images were shrunk to a smaller size in order to speed up downloading times. A 14MP 4592×3056 photo would only be saved at 960×638, for example.

With the new version, images are saved at their original resolution instead of scaling down to a smaller size.

The Verge gave an example of a 4,592 x 3,056 14MP image being reduced to 960 x 638 when viewed on iOS devices, which was annoying when the images were displayed on a Retina screen.

Photos are still compressed for download, but the resolution remains the same as the original.

The site writes that photos appear to have “fairly noticeable color compression,” and that the downloads take longer, up to a “few minutes to save a single photo.”

The Dropbox iOS update is now available to download from the Apple iTunes App Store.