iPhone 5 release date on November 2 in India and other countries

Credit: Apple

The device will be available in Mexico, Greece, the Dominican Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Malta and Thailand on November 2, according to The Economic Times.

The launch was initially planned for this past Friday but due to shipping delays, it had to be pushed back by a week.

In addition, the Bangkok Post reported the November 2 date, citing an unnamed “industry source.”

Previous reports stated that Apple plans to release the iPhone 5 in 100 countries by the end of the year.

Tim Cook addressed Apple’s plans for a global rollout in the company’s earnings conference call yesterday.

In response to a question from JPMorgan analyst Mark Moskowitz, he said: “What we did initially, Mark, was we planned the first 30-40 countries prior to introducing the product and rolled those out across September on two different dates. The balance of the quarter we planned with an eye toward the supply and what we think the demand will be, but we do plan these in advance and so it is not a precise science. And we obviously have to plan those with several weeks of notice and so occasionally it can be different than what we think.”