iPhone 5 pre-orders on India’s Airtel, Aircel start at Rs 45,000

Credit: Apple

Both operators have listed the 16GB version of the handset for Rs 45,500 and the 64GB model comes at a price of Rs 59,500.

According to the listings, the device will be available from November 2 and the carriers offer to ship the product within 7-8 days.

In addition, the nano SIM cards that support iPhone 5 will be available in their outlets starting November 2.

Customers will be able to purchase the device through Apple’s distributors in India, Redington and Ingarm.

Airtel and Aircel executives claim that free minutes and attractive tariff schemes for the iPhone 5 will soon be announced.

“This time around, the price in the retail market as well as that offered by us (Airtel and Aircel) will be identical. But, bundled schemes and free minutes that will be part of special tariff packages that are tailor-made for the iPhone 5 will ensure that our customers recover a significant part of what it cost them to acquire the phone,” said an executive with one of these carriers, as cited by The Economic Times.