iPhone 5 cases Icon and WorkMate offer cool design and hard durable shell

Cygnett offers Icon cases, designed by TATS CRU, one of New York’s best street artists, and WorkMate, a durable shell case.

ICON - The Bronx

ICON - Haven

The Icon Art Series by Cygnett is a collaboration between some of the world’s leading artists.

Each case features its own unique design and each product comes with a screen protector.

The Icon iPhone 5 cases offer the advantage of being both functional while protecting your device at the same time.

WorkMate uses a slim heavy-duty case that is extra protective and pocket-friendly.

Slate Grey WorkMate

Khaki WorkMate

The world first iPhone 5 drop test with and without the WorkMate case was performed by Cygnett:

The WorkMate is made of two parts: a thick silicone case with interior ridges and a hard protective shell with a rubberized coating.