PlayStation 4 development kits sent out to developers


VG24/7 reports that Sony has shipped a new PlayStation 4 kits to game developers.

Citing multiple anonymous sources, the site writes that the new dev kits have been shipped, housed in PC cases.

The report states that the console will include Blu-ray support and won’t be made in Japan.

Insiders say that this kit is the second in what will become a total of four kits, with a final version expected to appear in the summer.

The console is expected to have between 8GB and 16GB of RAM, 256GB of storage, an optical drive capable of Blu-ray playback, Wi-Fi, Ethernet connectivity and HDMI.

VG24/7 writes that the PlayStation 4, which has been codenamed “Orbis,” is expected to be announced before next year’s E3 event.