iPhone 5 vs. iPad mini vs. iPad 4 vs. iPad 2 display comparison

Due to manufacturing costs, the iPad mini comes without a Retina display, similar to the iPad 2.

That is not the case for the iPod touch 4 and iPod touch 5.

The article provides comparison photos of various screenshots taken from these four Apple devices.

Starting with the Safari icon, the first picture presents the iPad 2 at 132 ppi, iPad mini at 163 ppi, iPad 4 at 264 ppi, and iPhone 5 at 326 ppi.

The iPad 2 appears to have the most easily discernible pixels, and the iPhone 5 the least.

Web text and graphics and an iBooks text are captured in photos, with the same order of devices.

A picture of some iBooks graphics presents the difference between the iPad mini (top), iPad 4 (middle), and iPhone 5 (bottom).

Ritchie notes that small text is more difficult to read on the iPad mini, despite being denser than the iPad 2.

The conclusion of the article is that the lack of Retina on the iPad mini is visible and bothering to the eye of a person who frequently uses Apple’s products.

However, despite these setbacks, Ritchie concludes in the end that he’s, “willing to make that same compromise to own one.”

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