iPhone 5 popSLATE case: second screen for your new iPhone – Video

The E-ink screen of the case measures 4 inches, it uses less energy and doubles the surface on which you can view the content.

The screen is always-on and it can display photos, notes, maps, or whatever you want, by simply using this application which was specifically developed for iOS.

The case is available in black and white, it weighs less than 75 grams. The case dimensions are 5.35” x 2.56” x 0.54”.

The 4 inch E-ink ruggedized display is compatible with the new iPhone.

“In fact the screen is nearly indestructible,” the site writes.

The image can be changed anytime as popSLATE “is totally customizable.”

For more information about the iPhone 5 popSLATE case, please visit Indiegogo.