iPhone 5, iPad mini anodized colors by AnoStyle

According to BGR, anodization is the same process used to make the iPhone 5 black or silver.

In the process, the actual aluminum is electrically charged and dyed.

Users can change the color of their iPhone 5 or iPad mini into red, pink, yellow, gold, orange, blue, teal, violet, copper, green, blue steel, or bronze.

Here is the company’s description of the process:

“Our process does not involve simple painting or covering. Rather, we use a process called anodization, and we’ve found a unique method that allows us to deliver the best results each and every time. Anodization actually involves a specialized chemical process that creates the desired color change. This means under normal use, our AnoStyle™ products won’t chip or wear like traditional paints and coatings do. Once the color transformation is complete, we run your device through our 21-point test to ensure that it is working perfectly.”

Anostyle’s color anodization is available for the iPhone 5 and iPad mini for $249.